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Fundraising & Development

Fundraising is not as simple as scoring a big check, although we wish it was! Organizations need to have the basics in place to make measurable growth and we love working with our clients to help develop a strong foundation. Streamlining processes and improving efficiencies will ultimately increase your organization’s revenue.

Ask us about:

  • Fundraising Plans

  • Donor Database Analysis and Selection

  • Grant Research, and Management

  • Individualized Giving


Human Resources


Your human resources are one of your greatest assets, yet managing and developing staff can be among your greatest difficulties. Organizations must be skilled at engaging their employees and developing a strong organizational culture in order to effectively impact retention.

Ask us about:

  • Recruitment and Hiring Practices

  • Employee Handbooks/Policies


Board Development & Governance


The success of any organization begins with effective leadership. Boards often need basic support to understand how to grow from a “good board” to a “great board”, which can often be accomplished with just a little outside guidance and perspective. We can facilitate better communication, provide clarity of roles, foster productive board meetings, and establish functioning board/committee structure.

Ask us about:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Board Development

  • Governance and Policy Documents


Capacity Building


You will find ample advice online about starting a nonprofit organization, be it legal aspects or typical areas of responsibilities. However, navigating the loads of regulations and establishing best practices will leave you with sparingly little time to fulfill the mission and grow your organization to its maximum potential. We can help support your organization from founding to flourishing.

Ask us about:

  • Incorporating as a Nonprofit

  • Business Model Development

  • Tax Filing and Other Legal Terms

  • Establishing Support Systems/Programs

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